Key Features

  • Record everything on the screen directly to a flash drive even when you’re not in a call
  • Show files on your PC’s desktop during any live call with our ScreenShare software
  • Present live images or snapshots taken using your mobile device instantly with VCLink
  • Connect up to 4 MICs into 1 daisy chain for excellent audio reception in larger rooms
  • Configure your system and troubleshoot issues in real-time from a remote site
  • Enjoy peace of mind with the HVC series’ industry-leading 3-year warranty
  • Achieve smooth audio and video streaming under erratic network conditions through AVer’s exclusive High Efficiency Lost Packet Recovery mechanism (HELPeR™)
  • Achieve fast and simple integration with your pre-existing audio-visual equipment setup and universal controllers via the RS-232 port
  • Playback recorded meetings in the original .vc file format, or convert them into .mov files with the latest version of VCPlayer
  • See every expression clearly with the HVC330’s HD720p resolution at 1M bandwidth
  • Experience crystal clear, lag-free video feed thanks to the 30fps frame rate
  • Share and receive content from laptops, visualizers (document cameras) and similar devices while still displaying the live video feed
  • Connect with any far-site device supporting the H.323 protocol, and the H.239 protocol for content sharing
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