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15 November 2017 - Kategori Blog

sql serverProduct overview
SQL Server 2017 brings the performance and security of SQL Server to Linux and Docker containers. SQL Server 2017 delivers mission critical OLTP database capabilities and enterprise data warehousing with in-memory technology across workloads. Customers will gain transformative insights from in-database machine learning with Python and R, plus rich interactive reporting on any device for faster decision making. Developers can choose their language and platform while container support seamlessly facilitates DevOps scenarios.
SQL Server 2017 on Linux: SQL Server 2017 now supports deployment on RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). The SQL Server 2017 SKUs are platform agnostic, so customers can run the software on either Windows or Linux.
Editions overview
The SQL Server 2017 editions align with how customers are deploying applications and solutions:
– Enterprise Edition is ideal for applications requiring mission critical in-memory performance, security and high availability
– Standard Edition delivers fully featured database capabilities for mid-tier applications and data marts
SQL Server 2017 is also available in free Developer and Express editions. Web Edition is offered in the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program only.
SQL Server 2017 licensing models
SQL Server 2017 offers customers a variety of licensing options aligned with how customers typically purchase specific workloads. There are two main licensing models that apply to SQL Server:
SERVER + CAL: Provides the option to license users and/or devices, with low cost access to incremental SQL Server deployments.
 Each server running SQL Server software requires a server license.
 Each user and/or device accessing a licensed SQL Server requires a SQL Server CAL that is the same version or newer – for example, to access a SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition server, a user would need a SQL Server 2012 or 2017 CAL.
– Each SQL Server CAL allows access to multiple licensed SQL Servers, including Standard Edition and legacy Business Intelligence and Enterprise Edition Servers.
PER CORE: Gives customers a more precise measure of computing power and a more consistent licensing metric, regardless of whether solutions are deployed on physical servers on-premises, or in virtual or cloud environments.
– Core based licensing is appropriate when customers are unable to count users/devices, have Internet/Extranet workloads or systems that integrate with external facing workloads.
– To license a physical server—when running SQL Server in a physical OSE—all physical cores on the server must be licensed.
– A minimum of four core licenses are required for each physical processor on the server.
SQL Server 2017 Editions availability by licensing model: SQL Server 2017 Edition Licensing Options Server + CAL Per Core Enterprise  Standard   Developer Free edition Express Free edition
Special note for Enterprise Edition users: With the introduction of SQL Server 2012, Enterprise Edition was removed from the Server + CAL model and new server licenses are no longer available. However, customers who have maintained Software Assurance (SA) coverage can continue to renew SA on Enterprise Edition servers and upgrade to SQL Server 2017 software. Note: when upgrading to SQL Server 2017, a 20-core limit applies to the software.
Benefits of SQL Server 2017 with SA
Software Assurance coverage helps customers take full advantage of their SQL Server license investment. With SA, SQL Server customers unlock valuable benefits including: Software Assurance Benefit SQL Server 2017 Editions Standard Enterprise Next version rights   License Mobility to shared third party servers   Fail-Over servers for high availability   Unlimited virtualization
– Machine Learning Server for Hadoop
– Power BI Report Server

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