BVMS Professional 9.0

BOSCH BVMS Professional 9.0

BVMS Professional is a unique IP video security solution that provides seamless management of digital
video, audio, and data across any IP network. It provides the best video management system to go
with Bosch video surveillance devices, leveraging the unique capabilities of Bosch cameras and recording
solutions. It nevertheless offers interfaces and standards to integrate other systems and manufacturers.
The system is equipped with a unique embedded resilience. It keeps operations up and running even
when both the management server and recording server(s) fail.
Edge Video Content Analysis and the unmatched recording technology, managing up to 2000 cameras
with a single recording server, dramatically reduces the total costs of ownership.
The software is provided as an e-license via e-mail.

– Certifications and approvals

General Data Protection Regulation The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is
enforced on the 25th of May 2018. As a regulation it will be directly applicable to all EU member states
without the need for national implementing legislation. As information captured, processed and stored by
video surveillance systems is classified as “sensitive” the GDPR will cause significant impact on the video
surveillance installations throughout Europe. BVMS includes the required functionality to ensure an
organization can be GDPR compliant, which is further explained in the BVMS – GDPR document, which can be found on the following web page: – Bosch Building Technologies Community.

Installation/configuration notes
The BVMS system design guide is published on the following web page:
Bosch Building Technologies Community.

The system design guide summarizes the BVMS design details, and serves as a guide to planning a BVMS
system with Bosch cameras and storage. It focuses on BVMS combined with the VRM.

BVMS Enterprise
Multiple BVMS Plus or BVMS Professional systems can be combined into one BVMS Enterprise System.
Cameras within system context 200.000
Cameras per operator 10.000
Sub-systems 10 (1000 cameras per system)
Sub-systems 50 (200 cameras per system)

Software assurance
In addition to the Bosch Security Systems standard terms and conditions of sale, the Bosch Software
Assurance is a great option to keep BVMS always up to date. With continuously changing platforms and
version compatibility, regular updates are essential. With the Bosch Software Assurance, you can relax
knowing you are always entitled to the latest software enhancements. It ensures full technical support and
access to hotfixes. The Bosch Software Assurance is available in the product catalog.

Technical specifications
The release notes give a detailed overview on the changes that are implemented, compared to the
previous BVMS version. The architects and engineering specifications specify
in detail what the system is capable of. Both documents can be found on the following web
page: Bosch Building Technologies Community.

All Bosch cameras can be used under the device compatibility concept, which you can find on the
Bosch Security & Safety community in the following article:
How-to: BVMS – Device compatibility. The list of supported ONVIF cameras can be found on: If a camera is not listed, testing can be ordered by
filling in the custom camera integration form.