The DIVAR IP 3000

The DIVAR IP 3000 appliance is an affordable and easy to use all-in-one recording, viewing, and management
solution for network surveillance systems of up to 32 channels (all channels pre-licensed).
Running the full Bosch Video Management System solution and powered by
Bosch Video Recording Manager including the Video Streaming Gateway to integrate 3rd party
cameras, it is an intelligent IP storage device that eliminates the need for separate NVR (Network Video
Recorder) server and storage hardware. Thus, reducing the total cost of ownership by as much as
45% and providing both, a professional video management system solution and ease of operation
without the need of an additional Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).
DIVAR IP 3000 is a 4-bay mini tower unit that combines advanced management and state-of-the-art
recording management into a single cost-effective, plug and play IP recording appliance for IT-minded
customers which are seeking for a state-of-the-art “second generation” DVR and NVR recording solution.

System overview

The DIVAR IP 3000 appliance utilizes a highly energy efficient, embedded design at a very affordable price

which nevertheless boasts Bosch quality through-and-through.

Easy to install and operate, the system features wizard-based set-up and centralized configuration to
reduce installation times by as much as 45%. All components are pre-installed and pre-licensed. Simply
connect to the network and power the unit up — DIVAR IP is ready to begin recording straight out of the
Bosch Video Management System manages all IP and digital video and audio, plus all the security data being
transmitted across your IP network. It seamlessly combines IP cameras and encoders, provides system-
wide event and alarm management, system health monitoring, user and priority management.

DIVAR IP 3000 features front-swappable SATA-II hard drives providing up to 8 TB of gross storage capacity.
All system software is pre-installed and pre-activated — creating an out-of-the-box ready-to-use video
management appliance. DIVAR IP 3000 utilizes Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 (64-bit).
Instant real time access to video View high quality HD video despite low or limited bandwidth connections. Dynamic Transcoding technology ensures you can view your video immediately — anytime, anywhere.

Dynamic Transcoding retrieves the data from the DIVAR IP system and subsequently decodes and
decompresses the data stream to a lower rate bit stream tailored to the bandwidth of the connection.
When the video is paused, the instant detail enhancement feature instantly displays the full HD

Once booted up the system will offer immediate access to the Bosch Video Management System
management application via a customized GUI. The ability to use one central GUI for configuration and
operation management reduces installation and training requirements, and helps keep ongoing system
management costs low.

Remote viewing
For remote viewing of a single DIVAR IP system, Bosch VMS Operator Client is included. For multiple
systems, add them to Bosch VMS Enterprise Management Server.
Alternatively, use Video Client for viewing video or as entry-level video management solution without the
need of additional licenses.

Bosch quality
Bosch subjects all its products to the most comprehensive and rigorous battery of quality
endurance tests in the industry. Our recording products are subjected to extreme temperatures,
voltages and vibrations to determine reliable operating limits, so you can be assured of long-term reliable
operation. And Bosch firmly stands behind every product it sells with an end-to-end 3 year warranty
backed by technical support.

Installation/configuration notes
DIVAR IP 3000 comes pre-configured in a standard non-RAID configuration and provides the following


Net capacity Bandwidth
(read &

w/o HDD n/a 120 Mbit/s 32
2 x 2 TB 3600 GB 120 Mbit/s 32
4 x 2 TB 7300 GB 120 Mbit/s 32

These values refer to the system with all supported Bosch CCTV applications installed and running; net
capacity for a non-RAID configuration; 32 connected cameras indicate the number of concurrent recordable
cameras including the connected replay clients.

Storage may be increased by adding up to two DIVAR IP 2000 or DIVAR IP 5000 units as expansion.
The DIVAR IP 3000 appliance allows a maximum of overall 32 channels: recording and replay clients. The
system is re-configurable to a RAID‐1 configuration with reduced performance and net capacity values.

Pre-installed licenses
For the standard systems please note the number of pre-installed licenses and the upper limit of each:


Upper limit

Workstation clients 5 5
DVR/BRS systems 1 5
CCTV keyboards 1 5
Forensic Search clients 5 5
Mobile video service 1 1
Intrusion Panels 0 5
ATM/POS data enabled –
For further information, under Ordering information
see Software Options.
Performance values

Number of
concurrent live

Number of
playback views
VGA/2CIF 25 fps balanced 20 7
720p 30 fps balanced 9 2
1080p 30 fps balanced 4 1
5MP 12 fps balanced 4 1
4K 3840×2160 balanced 1 1

These values were measured with Bosch VMS Operator Client version 5.0.5 running locally on the
DIVAR IP system. Performance values of remote workstations differ significantly. Video decoding
behavior may be changed in future versions of Bosch VMS Operator Client. The hardware platform
may not be able to take advantage of all updates due to physical or other limitations.